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အသံမဲ့ သို့မဟုတ် ပုံးကွယ်နေသော အရိပ်များ

ယခုအစီရင်ခံစာသည် ယခင် မြန်မာအမျိုးသမီးသမဂ္ဂမှ ထုတ်ဝေပြီးသား ဒုက္ခစက်ဝန်း (၂၀၀၀ ခုနှစ်)နှင့် ငရဲပြည်နှစ်ထပ်ကြားတွင် ပိတ်မိနေခြင်း (၂၀၀၇ ခုနှစ်) အစီရင်ခံစာများ၏ နောက်ဆက်တွဲအစီရင်ခံစာလည်းဖြစ်သည်။

Caught Between Two Hells

Ten BWU researchers conducted 149 in-depth interviews with migrant women and girl workers in Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, Ranong (Thailand) and Rulli (China) between November 2006-March 2007. Women working in diverse areas of work, ethnicity and age were asked to participate in the research so that the report could represent a wide range of experiences. […]

Driven Away (Trafficking of Kachin women on the China-Burma border

An alarming trend is developing in ethnic Kachin communities of Burma. Growing poverty, caused by failed state policies, is driving increasing numbers of young people to migrate in search of work. As a result, young women and girls are disappearing without trace, being sold as wives in China, and tricked into the Chinese and Burmese […]


Women in politics must combat the cultural landscape marked by male dominated households and political offices, which place women in the role of passive observer. Women are able to discuss the basic social issues, yet often are prohibited from decision making. The women’s position is that of domestic caretaker, not policy maker. This rigidity of custom stifles many […]

Domestic Violence

Buddhism and Domestic Violence by Ouyporn Khuankaew Women’s Study Center/Chiang Mai University,Faculity of social sciences/ year 2002; volum 1


Everywhere I go I proudly tell folks who want to know who I am and what I do that I am a writer, a feminist theorist, a cultural critic. I tell them I write about movies and popular culture, analyzing the message in the medium. Most people find this exciting and want to  know more. Everyone goes to […]