Recent Activity

In June, BWU organized Pre-Meetings/Consultations a village in Loi Kaw, Kayah state and in two villages in the Hinthrda Township, Ayeryarwaddy region, to meet the local people and learn more about their situation. NLD members, CSOs, the chair of the village, local administrators, youth groups and women’s leaders joined the discussion. At the meeting our staffed shared information about the NCA,  21st Century Panglone Peace Conference. The local people also laid out their expectations for the peace process in the country and shared their daily experiences and struggles.

Also in June, Under the Capacity Building program, BWU organized Gender and Economics Training in Yangon. Thirteen women from Pegu, Ayeyarwaddy, Mon nd Kayah State participated in the training. The goal of the workshop was to raise awareness on the CEDAW and to educate women on the economic situation in Burma, how it effects women and what they can do to improve their situation and become more financially independent.