This program aims to increase women’s meaningful participation in decision-making roles and leadership roles, as well as to increase gender awareness of the men in the community to better support the women. This program creates spaces and opportunities for women to develop their skills and knowledge to build up their confidence to influence and to put to use the leadership skills and knowledge they have acquired. Through this strategy, women will be able to fight for their rights and vocalize their issues, as well as to become voices for voiceless.


The goal of the IDD department is to make women more active in voicing gender issues, especially on the political field. Yet, for women to be able to raise their problems for discussion they need to have access to accurate information on the issues. There is a great lack of accurate and accessible information on women’s matters in Burma. BWU is currently working to create a database to hold all information related to the situation of women in Burma, as well as BWU’s own organizational data. All of this information will become public and attainable to anyone who needs it.

Our daughter website, Honest Information (Hi) Burma, plays an important role in documenting and informing the public. It is a women’s media website which highlights issues that the mainstream media overlooks. We cover stories on human rights, the peace process, violence against women, sexual harassment, displaced persons and refugees, as well as promote the work of female politicians and role models. We hope to shed light and spark discussion on issues that are usually forgotten or ignored. Visit HiBurma

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