Every year BWU organizes 6 main events – BWU’s founding day, International Women’s Day, International Mothers Day, International Day of Peace, various Labor Day events and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the concurrent 16 Day Campaign.

The goal of these events is to raise awareness, to mobilize people in our target communities and to encourage political participation in local governments. The issues that are discussed usually revolve around gender equality, gender justice, living with diversity in harmony, federal democracy. We hope to open the eyes of the public and spark debate that will move us forward to a more inclusive and harmonious state.

In 2018 alone, BWU organized events for International Peace Day, International Day to Stop Violence Against Women, May Day, International Women’s Day, and International Migration Day. BWU also organized 5 public talks on topics such as violence against women, in the form of domestic violence and rape. These talks were hosted in collaboration with polices and lawyers who provided information on legal procedures and other means of getting justice for the pain caused.

BWU events and campaigns reached 2,723 people, both men and women. BWU events took place in Hintada and others villages in the Irrawaddy Region, Mong Region, Bago, and in Yangon.