We envision a gender-free, just and humane society where women and other minorities can live and thrive in peace and harmony. All our work is done with that imagine in mind.


We are Burmese women from a variety of backgrounds – different religions, ethnicities, genders and marital status — all working toward the same goal, the empowerment of women in Burma as change agents who can play an important part in Burma’s peace making and democracy building process. Women must realize their potential and the power they hold if they are united in their goals and mindset.



Our feminism is intersectional, it is not only about equality between genders, but equality between races, ethnicities, different social and religious groups. We see all members of society as valuable, and equal to one another.

Non-discrimination, recognition of diversity and self-claim of the different identity

Non-discrimination is the next step of equality. Equality in theory has little effect if discrimination persists. We hope to move toward a society of non discrimination, where we cherish diversity and allow people to claim their own identities without persecution.

Participation and Inclusiveness 

Finally, above all, we value active participation and inclusivity. A society thrives when all of its members work together in harmony and hope.