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Community, National and International level Advocacy


We aim to promote targeted women in different targeted ethnic areas and central Burma to increasingly effective in demanding their rights and increased participation in decision making over policy impacting their rights at many levels in community development, democracy transition and peace process related activities. In details,

  • Advocating for the role of women political leadership and representing at the different levels of decision-making in order to increase women participation, required policies, mechanisms, and other affirmative action plan such as Gender Budget must be adopted.
  • Advocating community leaders to support women leaderships and create opportunities for women to participate in the decision-making levels.
  • Advocating for strong networking among the different what we targeted communities in order to effectively address the problems related to women issues.
  • Advocating for mutual respect and recognition between the diversities regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual appearance ( LGBTQIA) within BWU targeted regions.


  • Organising and promoting the Campaign and Events on Special Days such as International Women’s Day, Stop Violence Against Women’s Day and International Day of Peace.
  • Organising the gathering events on Living with Peace and Harmony for community level and National level at the BWU’s targeted regions.
  • Distributing the campaign materials and tools such as T-shirt, flyers, Banners, Posters, Pamphlets, key change, Umbrella, Brooches and etc.
  • Media Advocating includes releasing statements, providing interviews, organising conferences and releasing news articles through various media outlets and social media.


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