Vision and Mission


Burmese Women’s Union (BWU) is dedicated to the belief that unity and women’s participation in politics, and society in whole, is essential to the building of a democratic development society. Discrimination against women causes hate, envy and is detrimental to all of society. BWU works to promote and empower women in many different areas and fields.

BWU faces a difficult task, as it is working to overcome gender inequalities that are woven into culture. Uniting women is the best way to fight the battles against discrimination and inequality. Let us join hands and march together in the struggle for women’s rights and envision a gender-free, just and humane society where women live in peace and harmony.

Burma is a multi-ethnic country, rich in both culture and resources. Unfortunately, in many border areas, the ethnic-political struggle that began in the 1940s and 50s continues today. Our concerned with the poor numbers of women working for political and social reform which believe that by increasing the number of women participating in the peace movement we will be laying the foundation of equality that is necessary for sustainable peace.


We are women from Burma with diverse backgrounds – religion, ethnicity, gender, marital status- working towards the empowerment of women of Burma as change agents contributing to building a genuine federal democratic society. Therefore,

  • Strengthening women’s participation in all spheres and decision making at all levels in the society.
  • Increasing the capacity of women in contribution towards building genuine federal democratic union in Burma and in ending militarism.
  • Advocating for the acceptance and exercise of women’s rights and gender equality in Burma in line with internationally recognized standards.