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Capacity Building and Participation program

There are still serious limitations for women to be in the leadership roles and in decision-making levels therefore, to bring women’s voices to the policy, decision-making and result in positive outcomes for women is still limited, restricted and ignored. In order to influence in those levels and roles, not only women but also men in the community need to be gender-sensitized, transformed and empowered and women need enabling environment and thus conductive atmosphere, in order to have opportunities to apply their meaningful skills and knowledge in community’s affairs. However, there are still insufficient space and opportunities for women to build their capacity and to promote their skills.

There is no positive environment where the community support and welcome women’s participation. This program is designing to increase women’s meaningful participation in decision-making roles and leadership roles as well as increase gender awareness of men in the community to improve their support to women. Therefore, it creates spaces and opportunities for women to develop their capacities and knowledge so that they can build up their confidence to influence and to exercise the leadership in the communities and in the present their voices as well as to be the voices for voiceless. As overall objective, we aims to create the opportunities for women to have more practices on the norms of gender, democracy and peace from women’s perspective within the political arena which strengthen the role of women in political leadership, decision-making process in Burma Democratic transition.

Program’s Activities

a. Team Preparation for skill development and community consultation: We are constant preparation for series of skills updating our own team and communication outreach to consult detail planning as well as developing modules before implementation.

b. Community Discussions and Exchange: We have been conducting discussions and exchanges for the purpose of community mobilizing at 14 townships in Irrawaddy region, Mandalay region , Yangon, Mon State, Karen State, Karenni ( Kaya) State, Kachin State, Magway region since 2015.

c. Platform for Women Skill Development Training: We are designing to focus on selected active women leaders from the community in order to empower their leadership skills and develop their involvement in their perspective community. The first part of the training mainly focus on developing their existing skills to polish up with Feminist Democratic Leadership, Facilitation skills and community organizing skills to get the right approach when they work. The second part of the training mainly focus on issues awareness of voter education, constitution, villiage/ tract administration laws and campaign skills including media approach. After the training completed BWU support the technical assistance to those women leaders to lead series of awareness raising and educating to their own community.

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