Dove, a bimonthly women’s magazine, first published in 1998, explores the changing roles of women in society. It provides commentary on issues concerning women’s lives under military regime. Dove regularly cover issues such as the global women’s rights movement, feminism, international conventions on women’s rights and the history of the women’s movement. The magazine often features profiles of prominent women leaders as a means of empowering women readers to learn from pioneers.

Dove magazine was the only printed publication that has raised issues of concern for women in Burma mainly and review and analysing on adopting a feminist approach to advocacy and women’s rights.

Dove covers various women’s issues and individual stories worldwide;

  • ¬†Global women’s rights movement and its history
  • BWU’s opinion on the role of women in Burma’s political and development process
  • Interviews with female leaders and activists in the movement
  • Articles about activists and writers working on women’s rights and gender issues
  • Issues and current situation of the women in Burma
  • Women’s political, economic and social roles, and discrimination against women within these roles.
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