We are aiming to provide information and resources to improve the situation and status of women in Myanmar.

  • Providing needed information and supporting materials to all BWU Program staffs and trainers in order to implement their work effectivity.
  • Setting up the systematically data collect and distribute information to promote increase public awareness on Women’s Rights, Gender equality and Women participation in politics.
  • publishing campaign materials, training tools, documentation films , paper reports and briefers for all of BWU’s activities and program projects.
  • releasing and distributing information about women’s situation in Myanmar as well as BWU and our activities to international, national, regional, and communities, network and alliance organisations, policy makers, institutions and people who are interested in women’s rights situation in Myanamar and Myanmar political situation from women’s perspective.
  • Advocating and highlighting on the issues of Human Rights, Gender equality, Democracy in Myanmar, Violence and discrimination against women; and women in leadership roles through the media.


a. Publications

b. Developing and Producing campaign materials

c. Data collection and documentation

d. Press Release

e. Honest Information Website